Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program

PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd (PNGSDP) promotes diversified and balanced economic development of PNG, especially Western Province, providing for improved well being and self determination of local communities, beyond the life of the Ok Tedi mine.

PNGSDP is a unique organisation that was created through an agreement between the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and the world's largest mining company, BHP Billiton, who run the Ok Tedi mine in Tabubil, Western Province.

Our goal is to support Sustainable Development Programs through projects and initiatives to benefit the people of Papua New Guinea, particularly the people of the Western Province.

Quick Facts

PNGSDP’s long term goal is to promote diversified and balanced economic development of the nation, especially Western Province, providing for improved well being and self determination of local communities beyond the life of the Ok Tedi mine.

There are a number of strategic areas we focus on including -

Community and Social Investment: Specific emphasis on community based initiatives advancing Health Services Improvement, Educational Opportunities and HIV/AIDS Prevention

Environment and Conservation: Exploring opportunities associated with Climate Change, Conservation Management Areas, and mitigation of environmental impacts of Ok Tedi mine operations and other major projects

Investment in Renewable Resources: Investment in sustainable development of PNG's phenomenal bio-diversity including commercial Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Eco-Tourism

Financial Services and Business Promotion: Microfinance (Savings and Credit) Services and Rural Production Credit Facilities as well as training in small business development

Energy and Electrification: Investment in Major Electrification Projects and Small Urban Centre Electrification; development of Bio-Diesel and Alternative Energy sources as well as Village Community Electrification

Industrial, Urban and Rural Infrastructure: Development of Daru port and industrial infrastructure; rehabilitation, maintenance and expansion of road, water and air transport infrastructure as well as water and sewerage infrastructure

Non-Renewable Resources Investment: Playing catalytic role in developing investors’ interest in development and industrial use of Western Province’s energy sources potential.

Communications and Information Services: Communications Infrastructure Improvement as well as investment in Information Technology Services.


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